Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Importance of Thought Management.

Imagine a beautiful nature scene. Up on your left is a waterfall which tumbles down into a crystal clear pool before forming a stream which flows past you. You are surrounded by lush vegetation, a variety of colourful flora and graced by the cheerful twitter of bird song. A little further on you see a flat rock jutting out over the pool. You saunter over and take a seat. Amazingly the rock is soft like a satin cushion and takes the shape of your body contours. You feel at peace and completely content. There is no where else you would rather be.

Dear friends. What I would like to illustrate here are the workings of the mind. In this example we have taken charge of our thoughts by way of imagination to bring about desirable conditions. This is a particularly important point as it is the world within, that is your thoughts, feelings, emotions and mental imagery that creates your outer world.

Therefore, to remove discord, confusion, lack, fear, worry, limitation, regret, anger you must remove the cause. And the cause is the way you are thinking and picturing in your mind.

Our mind posseses three distinctive characteristics, the conscious, the subconscious mind and superconscious mind.

The most important conscious mind function is the power to decide. It decides what information is allowed to enter into your subconscious mind, and programs your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind has no reasoning and follows the choices, decisions and dictates of the conscious mind.
The subconscious mind maintains and balances the well-being of your body.
It is the seat of your psychic abilities.
Furthermore it is a memory bank that stores all your thoughts, feelings emotions, imaginings, habit patterns, experiences, impulses and desires.

The superconscious mind is also known as The Higher self, Infinite Intelligence or the Universal Mind and is your Master Guide.
The superconscious mind is all knowing, all wise and all powerful.
It has the solution to all problems and knows no limits.

The superconscious mind is accessed through the subconscious mind.
By impressing your goal upon your subconscious mind, your superconscious will respond accordingly and everything will be set in motion to help you achieve your desire—any desire.

When our three minds work harmoniously then the conscious mind masters the subconscious mind and uses the superconscious mind for guidance and advice.

Dear friends it is essential that you take charge of managing your thoughts and be vigilant as to what thoughts you entertain and allow to enter your subconscious mind as to bring forth only desirable conditions. By taking control of your thought processes you can apply the power of your subconscious mind to any problem or difficulty and thereby consciously co-operate with Infinite Intelligence and the omnipotent laws which governs all things.

Infinite Intelligence through your subconscious mind can reveal to you everything you need to know everywhere and at any time.

All your experiences, events, conditions and acts are the reactions of your subconscious mind to your thoughts.

When meeting a new group of people How many of you have heard or even said “I’m really bad at remembering peoples names?”
The conscious mind effectively sets up the subconscious mind to forget.

Whereas if you say I am really good at remembering peoples names and have a real desire to do so, you set the subconscious mind the task of finding a way to be brilliant at remembering peoples names. It only takes a slight adjustment in your thinking to bring about substantial positive change.

The subconcious mind continually attracts and repels things according to how it has been programmed.
Think wise thoughts, loving thoughts, positive thoughts of achievement and gradeur
A changed attitude changes everything. Be enthusiastic, believe in yourself and in your hidden powers and wonders will happen in your life.

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