Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We are the masters of our destiny

Mind is the activating agent of Spirit, Spirit is unlimited.
Thoughts are things and mind is the builder. We create everything in our experience by giving power to chosen thoughts. Whether we know it or not.
Whether we like it or not, we choose and decide upon the destiny of our entire existence.
We have the mind as a workshop wherein lies a field of unlimited potential.
We have thoughts, imagination, conscience, emotions, feelings, a body, relationships and our world as our tools and building blocks to create a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Take this opportunity for spiritual, mental and physical transcendency.
Let your prosperity be based on the amount of good you contribute to the world. The universal supply is infinite and it is within your capabilities to tap into these unlimited resources.

You are much more than what you see here in your physical body.
We are Spiritual beings living on a physical plane and experiencing a physical reality or said in another way, non local beings having a local experience.
The non physical part of you or Source energy exists simultaneously in other dimensions.

Embrace this glorious truth and utilize it in ways to enhance your well being.
Create peace in body mind and soul.
Affirm the good and enter into the joy of living.